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North Bay Self Storage 100% Solar Powered
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The Bay Area Green Business Program
distinguishes small businesses that protect, preserve and sustain our environment.


Our partnership of environmental agencies and utilities assists, offers incentives, and verifies that participating businesses conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and shrink their carbon footprints.


Businesses that meet our standards are officially recognized as Bay Area Green Businesses.

Solar Powered Storage


Solar power systems are becoming a more and more popular option for businesses and homes today. It is no wonder why given all they do to save money as well as to save our environment. The way they save the environment is by making use of solar energy. Sunlight is an inexhaustible energy source as opposed to many other sources of energy.


In addition to not contributing to the depletion of the planet's resources, solar power systems do not create any harmful emissions. This is untrue of the fossil fuels used to create city power.


The use of a free and renewable energy source is also a way in which we create money savings for customers.