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Save $50 off of your new storage unit when you rent & reserve your U-Haul Truck from us.

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The low decks on U-Haul trucks were designed for families to load right from their house.

U-Haul trucks come in a variety of sizes starting with a small easy to drive 9' Cargo Van, an Open Bed Pick-Up truck and10' Mini-Mover Box truck.  


Our larger Box trucks come with easy to load ramps in the following sizes 14', 17', 20' & 26'.   All U-Haul trucks are fuel efficient, clean and easy to drive.


Convenience and Safety


Our specially engineered Gentle-Ride Suspension ensures a smooth ride for delicate possessions.



Unlike our competitors, the insides of our trucks have rub rails on all sides to protect your belongings.



Our exclusive Mom's Attic ® provides extra storage space above the cab to separate fragile items from the rest of your goods.


Our larger rental trucks have three-across belted seating to ensure everyone in the cab is safe.



Low Cost & Fuel Efficient


We are dedicated to lowering your fuel costs and giving you a better moving experience.



U-Haul rental trucks have a low profile,rounded corners and advanced chassis skirts to reduce wind drag and raise fuel economy 20%.



U-Haul rental trucks use cheaper, cleaner and more convenient unleaded fuel.



Use the fuel-economy gauge to save money on fuel and reduce air pollution.



We sell a full array of moving supplies including a variety of boxes, tape, markers,
mattress & furniture covers and much more.

Also, we rent furniture, utility and appliance dollies plus bags of moving blankets.

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